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Time to Flex

Video is the property of SPYPOINT!

I enjoy running trail cameras to monitor properties I hunt. In 2018, I was introduced to SpyPoint cellular trail cameras. Since then I have run Spypoint cameras religiously. My first camera, Link Evo, is still in the woods sending pictures to the app on my phone every two hours. The cameras have helped my kids and me harvest some beautiful Pennsylvania bucks. Currently, I am running multiple Spypoint cameras, both cellular and non-cellular, and couldn't be happier.

Spypoint recently launched their newest cellular camera called, "Flex!" I have this camera and I am blown away by some of its features. Everyone has different uses for trail cameras so I hope this will help people understand the Flex camera.


  1. Dual Sims cards allow the camera to pick up the best signal in the area and work on the strongest signal.

  2. 33 MP camera

  3. Photo and Video transmission

  4. 8 AA batteries or 12V Rechargeable battery (Lithium Battery Option Coming Soon)

  5. Optimized antenna

  6. 0.3 trigger speed

  7. 100 ft flash and detection range

  8. Test and Format button

  9. Remote Firmware Updates

  10. GPS Enabled

  11. 4 Modes

  12. Optional HD Photo and Video Transmission (Must have a package)

  13. The camera will still take pictures even as it is transmitting so you don't miss any action!

  14. Price $169.99

  15. Free 100 photo plan for every camera

All of these features have been added to make the camera easy to operate and update. I was able to use this link from Spypoint to activate my camera in a matter of minutes.


  1. Video mode will take 3 pictures to give you a look at what the video will be. To transfer that to your phone you need to make it an HD video. This can eat into your picture count if you are on the Free Plan.

  2. Video clips are only 15 seconds long.

  3. With anything new, there will be some small bugs to work out and Spypoint is fixing a few small bugs to make sure everything is running perfectly.

  4. May be hard to find because this camera is going to be a huge seller.

  5. The screw-in connector is on the back of the camera not on the bottom.

I really like the new Flex camera from Spypoint. I place most of my cameras over mock scrapes and was very excited about the HD video feature on this camera. My camera has taken a few videos but they are too short for what I am looking to do with mock scrapes. I will continue to run my Spypoint Force Pro, which shoots in 4K, over my mock scrapes and move my Flex to another area where I can gather important information on deer movement.

Spypoint has continued to improve and set trends for trail cameras. I love the easy installation of the app and how smooth the cameras work. Spypoint has a support line on their website and also loads plenty of videos on their Youtube page. Be careful, this can become an addiction! All of my cameras stay out year-round and I protect them with the Trail Cam Wood Hood.

Flex Picture NOT in HD!

HD Photo

HD Video

June Giveaway Winner

The June Giveaway winner of the Grim Reaper Broadhead package was won by William Nulph. Congratulations on winning this prize package. Thank you everyone for subscribing to the page and good luck on winning the July Giveaway.

July Giveaway


This month the Left In The Field Outdoors page will be giving away a half dozen Black Eagle Zombie Slayer Arrows or Crossbow Bolts. The winner gets to choose! Along with Black Eagle Arrows, the winner will get a 3-pack of GloryNocks and a 3-pack of Britespot target points. Go to the home page and subscribe once. Invite friends to join the page as well. Best of luck to everyone.

**** Zombie Slayer Box for the picture. The winner will get their choice of arrows or bolts.***

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