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Who Is Brian R. Kightlinger?


My name is Brian R. Kightlinger, and I have a passion for the outdoors and Jesus Christ! When I was younger, I found peace in the outdoors and in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I found beauty and reverence for the birds of the air and the animals in the woods. Before I could even hunt, I would go out and spend hours at a time in God's Creation. Swinging from vines, playing in creeks and streams, and easting the wild berries that tasted so sweet! When I was 10, I accepted Jesus as my Savior and began to follow him. When I finally reached the age of 12 I started hunting in the woods of Western Pennsylvania. I was lucky to have two great mentors, Joe Knox and John Davidson, who guided me in life and the outdoors.


As a multi-sport athlete at Slippery Rock High School, I found a new enjoyment, but nothing could replace my love for the outdoors and Jesus. I attended college at Gannon University, where I majored in Elementary Education and soccer. During this time in my life, I drifted away from the two loves in my life and found solace in classes and soccer practices. I met the love of my life while attending college, and after graduation, I moved to North Carolina to teach 5th grade. During my time in N.C. I was able to come back to my faith and the outdoors. I married  Gwen in 1997 and moved back to NW Pennsylvania to teach at Fort LeBoeuf Middle School. While teaching at FLB MS, I was also coaching the High School soccer team and spent more time feeding my hunger for the outdoors. My son, Samuel, joined our family in 2004, and in 2006 our daughter, Abigail, arrived! My time outdoors is made more enjoyable now that I have two little hunters who go out with me. Time in the outdoors allows me to show them all that God has created and how he works in nature and in our lives. I spend time scoring deer, shooting 3-D, giving seminars, and promoting the outdoors in any way possible. Daily scripture keeps me connected to my God and fuels me for the day. If you enjoy the outdoors, thank God for his handy work and all he has given us!





Brian R. Kightlinger shooting archery.
Brian R. Kightlinger Deer Hunting
Brian R. Kightlinger POWA Awards.
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