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About the Northwest Pennsylvania Monster Buck Club


As an avid hunter and now whitetail deer scorer, I often get asked about starting a club for just local Pennsylvania bucks. After getting some well-needed experience while scoring bucks for the Northeast Big Buck Club. I finally decided to see if I could showcase the great bucks harvested in Northwest Pennsylvania. In recent years I have seen some great bucks hit the 160's, 170's and 180's. Over the past 2 years I have scored some absolute giant bucks that are pushing into the 190's and 200's. Pennsylvania is slowly becoming a sleeper state for "Big Bucks" and I want to create the most accurate list for the 6 Northwest Counties of Pennsylvania. The 6 counties of the Northwest will be Erie, Crawford, Mercer, Warren, Forest, and Venango. The Northwest Pennsylvania Monster Buck Club will be recording the gross score for each buck. I personally believe that there is no need for net scoring as an animal can not control what it grows on it's head. Therefor to penalize a buck for his rack is crazy! This club will use the Boone and Crockett scoring system to record your bucks measurements. If you have harvested a buck legally in any of the six NW PA counties in the past, please do not hesitate to have him added to the Northwest Pennsylvania Monster Buck Club records. As the club grows, I am looking to produce the most accurate record book for each county. I hope you consider joining the Northwest Pennsylvania Monster Buck Club in the very near future. 

God Bless,

Brian Kightlinger

Left In The Field Outdoors

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