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Father's Day Ideas for the Outdoorsman

Father's Day is arriving soon. If you are looking for some ideas for a Dad who loves the outdoors, check out some of these products. There is still plenty of time to order them and have them for Dad on his special day.

If Dad likes trail cameras, SpyPoint has a variety of cameras for him. SpyPoint has a new camera called the Flex-M that features a 28-megapixel camera, 720p video, 90' flash and detection range, and a 0.4 trigger speed. The camera retails for $79.99 and features a dual SIM card for optimum coverage. The camera will send pictures and video previews to your phone through the SpyPoint app.

SpyPoint also offers the Flex-G36, Flex-S, and Flex Plus cameras. Each offers features that can help you put the pieces together to harvest your target buck. If you want a traditional trail camera, SpyPoint has you covered with the Force Pro 2.0 and the Force 48. Both cameras take excellent video and pictures and have a long battery life. Check out the video below.

Why not pair a new SpyPoint camera with a Buckstik, Buckbranch, Buckvine, or Rutstik? The all in one communication devices are perfect for patterning deer year-round. Each product comes with the 3 essential glands to begin communicating with deer on your property. PreOrbital, Forehead, and Interdigital gland lures bring the Buckstik products to life. Each product is built in a scent-free environment and shipped directly to your door. Buckstik products will keep the deer coming back to communicate with the other deer.

Does Dad need new broadheads? Check out the selection from Triple Point Outdoors, an Ohio-based company. Triple Point Outdoors offers fixed blade heads and mechanical heads. Both fly great and leave devastating wound channels. The secret to the fixed blade is an earth magnet that keeps the blades closed. Even out of the fastest crossbows, the blades will not open. I highly recommend these USA-made broadheads. Every three-pack of mechanical heads comes with a set of practice blades. Check them out!

Lighted nocks are not all the same. For a few years now I have been using Halo Nocks from Double Take Archery. These nocks are built tough, have an easy on/off switch, and weigh about 21 grains. The Halo Nock is as close as you can get to a standard nock to eliminate nock pinch. The Halo Nocks come in red, green, blue, and pink and have a FIT system for almost any arrow. Halo Nock makes nocks for micro-diameter arrows in .165-.166. Dad will love being able to practice with the Halo Nocks all season long.

If Dad is crazy about his scent regiment, get him some products from Scent Thief. Scent Thief is formulated to target the area of a deer's nose that is responsible for the sense of smell. The 20-year patented technology has revolutionized the way hunters approach hunting whitetails. Scent Theif has body soap, laundry detergent, scent wafers, and its popular field spray, which can be purchased in 12 oz. or 24 oz. bottles. I was totally impressed with how well Scent Thief worked for me all season.

Books are a great gift for Dad if they like to read. Whether it is an ebook or paperback Dad is looking for, I have a few suggestions.

  1. 20 Feet Closer to God - A 30-day devotional for people who love the outdoors.

  2. Through the Eyes of a Whitetail Fanatic - Over 30 stories of Whitetail hunts.

  3. Non-Verbal Whitetail Deer Communication - Learn to use whitetail gland lure to hunt deer.

There are plenty of great gifts for Dad this Father's Day. Treat him to something he doesn't expect to get, and give him a gift that he can enjoy throughout the year.


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