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Ripstik Evo is Here!

A few years ago I was introduced to Chris Strussion, creator of the Buckstik. Since then I have been using Chris's products to help me inventory deer that frequent my property. Chris created the original Buckstik so that a hunter can place a mock scrape anywhere they want. Along with the Buckstik a hunter will get Preorbital, Forehead, and Interdigital gland lure to use with the Buckstik. The very first year I used Chris's products I had amazing success. The deer hit the Buckstik every time they came near it. I had plenty of mature bucks using the Buckstik daily. My SPYPOINT cameras would send me pictures every few hours of deer leaving their scent on the Buckstik.

This mature buck was one of many that liked the Buckstik!

My Buckstik was getting hit daily on one property and on my 12 acres I had a Ripstik that was getting plenty of action. The original Ripstik was created as a horizontal mock scrape. I had my Ripstik in a major travel corridor and many deer were hitting it daily. As the archery season progressed the deer hit the Ripstik harder. My son, Samuel, shot a beautiful buck, with his crossbow, while he was freshening the Ripstik. A few weeks later my daughter killed her buck, with her crossbow, as he was freshening the Ripstik. Both the Buckstik and Ripstik were new products for Chris in 2019.

Abby with her crossbow buck thanks to the Ripstik!

I really liked the simplicity of the Buckstik and the Ripstik. I continued to use both products in 2020. Again, both products produced many great pictures of bucks and does hitting the products. One particular large 10 point loved hitting the Buckstik. I was hoping to put my Pennsylvania archery tag on him but he never showed himself during the day. I did successfully fill my archery tag with a beautiful 8 point that was coming to hit the Buckstik.

My 2020 archery buck died coming to the Buckstik!

Two successful years with the Buckstik products made me wonder what Chris could do to improve his products. In the spring of 2021 I reached out to Chris to see if he had anything new up his sleeve. As we talked on the phone he told me about his thoughts on improving the Ripstik. I was really impressed with his idea behind the new Ripstik Evo and I couldn't wait to get my hands on one.

I met up with Chris at an event in Greensburg, PA and he had a Ripstik Evo for me. The new Evo is a huge step up from the original Ripstik. Chris took Coconut fiber and wrapped it completely around the shaft of the Evo. At the end of the Evo Chris put a really long vine at the end for the deer to deposit their scent. Excited to get home and set it up I told Chris I would send him pictures and videos after I set it up.

Click on the picture to go to the Buckstik website.

Knowing exactly where I wanted to place the Evo, I headed to my 12 acre property to install the Ripstik Evo. I went to a main trail that I knew deer loved to travel and installed the Evo. I places a few sprays of Preorbital on the vine, some forehead on the coconut fiber on the shaft, and some buck interdigital under the Evo, in the fresh dirt. Setting my my Link Evo I decided to put it on video mode and let it run for two weeks. When I finally pulled the camera card, I couldn't believe how much the deer loved the Evo. Check out the video of the deer reacting to the new Evo!

After letting the Evo get plenty of attention on the main trail, I decided to move it to my food plot. With bucks beginning to grow some serious bone, I knew the deer would be coming to the food plot as it also had a water hole. The Link Evo SPYPOINT camera sent me a picture of a nice buck hitting the Ripstik Evo so I decided to pull the camera card and see the results. Once again, the buck worked the different parts of the Evo and left his scent. I am very impressed with the results of the Ripstik Evo after only having it out since late April. You can see in this video how the buck comes directly to the Evo and works it.

The Ripstik Evo is available now from Buckstik. When you order the Evo you will also receive the 3 gland lures you will need to bring the Evo to life. Be sure to only use a small amount of each gland lure. Read the directions carefully and even watch the videos on how to install and use the gland lure. Don't be afraid to try something different this year!


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