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Product Reviews from 2023

I always like to share with my followers a review of new products I used during the prior hunting season. This year is no different. I hope that these reviews can introduce you to some amazing products that you can use. Check out the product using the links provided.

Darton Archery has been around for over 50 years. During the 2023 archery season I hunted with the Darton Prelude E32. The flagship bow was different from other Darton bows I have shot. The Prelude featured a new riser and new aggressive cams. After getting the bow set up with a Darton fallaway rest I began shooting the bow. Overall, the bow was a shooter! Even with heavier arrows the bow was fast. I used the Darton to harvest two bucks and a doe. Darton offeres multiple camo patterns and solid colors. The Prelude E32 is a great bow to take to the treestand or hunting blind.

Compound bow strings will need to be replaced at some time. After reading about the Bloodline Strings from A3 archery, I decided to give them a try. What is special about the Bloodline Strings?

Bloodline Strings are precycled so they do not stretch. The strings are abrasion resistant and strong. Because of the material the strings do not need waxed and they provide perfect peep rotation. Lasty, after putting the A3 Bloodline Strings on my bow I picked up a few feet per second. These strings have already taken a ton of shots and my bow is still in tune.

An archery hunter's success hinges on arrow placement and the ability of the broadhead to work exactly as it should. In past years I was a die hard Grim Reaper Broadhead user. Grim Reapers are still excellent heads but I was looking for something new. In 2023 I found a broadhead company that is knocking it out of the park. Triple Point Outdoors owner, Josh Miller, created an amazing mechanical broadhead that NEVER fails to open. Josh's design is called the Clovis Broadhead. The blades are held tightly closed with an Earth Magnet. The Clovis head proved itself on the Dark Continent taking multiple African animals. It doesn't matter how fast your bow or crossbow is, the Clovis will not open prematurely! After watching some YouTube video I contacted the company to get my order in. Well, needless to say, I was impressed with the Clovis head. The heads fly like darts and make huge wound channels. I love these new broadheads! Check out the video of my PA antlerless hunt.

If you have been following my page for awhile, you know I love using lighted nocks. In 2023 the new Halo Nock was released. I tested the nocks in 2022 and loved them. After some small tweaks, the Halo Nock was released to archers in early 2023. Once again, Double Take Archery improved lighted nocks. The new nock is a standard OAM size so you don't have to replace your D-Loop. The new nocks are light and very bright. The easy on/off button makes it easy to operate the nock with one hand. I like the new Halo Nock because they are durable and come in a variety of colors.

I build new arrows every year and try new components. During the 2023 3D and hunting season I tried the SK2 vanes from Flex Fletch. Boy was I surprised at how well these vanes worked for 3D and hunting. The SK2 vanes are 2 inches in length and weigh 4.6 grains. Flex Fletch provides a wide variety of color options for archery to choose from. These vanes are tough and will go back to their original shape after going through a target or animal.

Ethics Archery is a company owned and operated in the United States. The company uses products from the United States to make their components. Whether you are shooting 3D or building hunting arrows, Ethics Archery has the components for you. I used the Ethics Archery inserts in my hunting arrows this year and they are tough. After going through 3 deer that insert is still straight and tough. If you are building arrows, check out Ethics Archery.

SpyPoint released 4 new camera in 2023. I used all of them and thought they worked fantastic. The first camera to come out was the Flex G-36. This camera has a 33 megapixel camera and the ability to send video and pictures to your phone. A much needed upgrade from the original Flex camera. The second camera was the LM2. This camera was an upgraded Link Micro camera. The camera was upgraded to 20 megapixels and got a new antenna. This camera is a work horse! Next is the Flex-S. The "S" stands for solar. This camera has an internal battery that is charged by the small solar panel located on top of the camera. You can run batteries in the camera to lengthen the battery life and the amount of time it spends outside. This camera has the ability to take instant pictures or video and send them to your phone. Lastly, The Force Pro-S was released. This is a non cellular camera that shots 4K video with sound. I really like this camera for placing over mock scrapes! SpyPoint listened to their customers and brough out 4 amazing cameras.

Rectifire Chokes and Verdict Ammo

I love turkey hunting in the spring. In 2023 I found a choke tube and ammo combo that was incredible. At the Harrisburg show I stopped by the Rectifire Choke Tube booth to learn about their choke tubes. Alan Tuten, the owner, convinced me to try his Turkey Tumbler choke for my 410. Alan then recommended that I got to the Verdict Ammo booth and get some 410 TSS. I stopped at the Verdict booth and purchased a few boxes of their TSS. When I got home I was able to test the combo together and I was shocked at how well they complimented each other. During the spring turkey season I harvested 2 longbeards with my 410. The birds never knew what hit them.

Cover scents are important when you are hunting big game. In 2023 I was introduced to a new cover scent that I fell in love with. Scent Thief was recommended to me by a close friend. I decided to give it a try and was shocked at how well it worked. Scent Thief has a variety of products to help eliminate odors and allow you to hunt. Scent Thief offers clothes wash, Body Wash, Scent Wafers, and Spray. I love using all of them! Scent Thief helped me harvest two bucks and 3 doe this year. The stuff is amazing!

Wyndscent brought out another amazing product this year called the EThermal. This product allows you to use scent pads to introduce scent to your hunting area. I found this product to have more uses than just hunting. I found that I could run the EThermal in a tote with my clothes. It worked perfect adding Evercalm scent to my clothes. There are a variety of scent packets you can get. The EThermal can even be used to keep bugs away. Check it out.

There were plenty of great products that I tried in 2023 and I am happy to say I am using them in 2024. It is hard to stop using excellent products! I hope you find this review informative and check out some of the products.

Happy Hunting in 2024!


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