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Painter Arrow Outdoors Award Winner

This Blog is sponsored by: Dave Hallman Chevrolet: No matter what you are hunting for, Hallman Has It!

If you like to video your hunts to share on social media, check out these guys and what they have to offer. I used their product all last fall and love it. Check out the product through the video or their website.

After using the MAG-PRO to video my hunts this fall, I submitted them to the company for a contest. The video below is my Pennsylvania hunt and it won third place in the MAG-PRO 5 competition. It was very easy to use my phone to capture the hunt on my bow.

I submitted my Ohio hunt to the contest and they mentioned it in their podcast. It was exciting listening to the Painted Arrow Outdoors Contest waiting to hear about my video. I will post the link to the podcast at the end of this blog.

If you want to learn more about Painted Arrow Outdoors click on the link above. They have some new products coming out for the 2023 year. I will be using this product again to video my hunts. Check out the videos and see what you think. Thank you Painted Arrow Outdoors for choosing me as one of the MAG-PRO 5 winners.


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