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Fixed or Mechanical?

Hunters love to debate about broadheads. Go to any archery website and you will find multiple posts where people debate which broadhead is better. When I first started archery hunting I used fixed blades. Over a decade ago, I found Grim Reaper Mechanical broadheads and I have killed countless animals with them. The Grim Reaper slogan is, "Watch em drop!" I have witnessed numerous animals drop after being shot with a Grim Reaper Broadhead.

The first broadhead I used from Grim Reaper was a three blade mechanical. I loved those broadheads for their toughness and durability. The wound channels were huge and deer always dropped in sight. When Grim Reaper brought out a four blade mechanical I decided to try it. The four blade caused more carnage than the three blade and the blood trails were easy to follow. For a few years I carried both three and four blade broadheads in my quiver.

The owners of Grim Reaper must have been listening to hunters debate over fixed or mechanical heads. A few years ago, Grim Reaper created the Hybrid head. The Hybrid head has two mechanical bladed and a fixed two blade on the head. I purchased a three pack of these broadheads and was blown away. The Hybrid head flew great out of my bow and I couldn't wait to use them during the season.

The first animal I killed with the Hybrid head was a whitetail doe. My Black Eagle Zombie Slayer blew through the doe and she didn't run twenty yards. I found my arrow and checked the Hybrid head. It was still razor sharp! I cleaned the broadhead and placed it back in my quiver. A few weeks later I killed a whitetail buck. Once again, my arrow blew through the deer and I watched the buck expire. The buck didn't go forty yards before he crashed. I was really impressed with the Hybrid head and how well it performed. Even after shooting two whitetail deer with the same head, the broadhead was still sharp.

Since I filled two deer tags I decided to go hunt exotics. The first animal I shot was a three hundred pound wild boar. My arrows sliced through the hog like a knife through butter. Later that morning I killed a white fallow deer and got a complete pass through at over forty yards. Before my day was over I killed a Corsican ram. All three animals were killed with the same arrow and same Hybrid head. My Hybrid head had now killed five animals and was still sharp. By the time I retired that Hybrid head I had killed seven different animals with it.

I had amazing success with the Hybrid head and I never thought about switching to another Grim Reaper head. That was until I saw the four blade Whitetail Extreme. The Whitetail Extreme head has two, 2 inch blades and two, 1 1/2 inch blades. I knew this head would be devastating to anything that was shot by it. In 2020, I shot a buck on Halloween that never made it out of the scrape it was making. The broadhead dropped him in his tracks. In 2021, I killed another buck that I watched crash less than thirty yards from my stand. I was speechless on how well these broadheads worked.

Grim Reaper has a plethora of broadheads available for hunters. There are fixed three and four blade. There are 2 blade, 3 blade and 4 blade mechanical heads. There are mini heads and Hybrid heads. I have used almost all of the heads at some point in time and I have not been disappointed. The key to my success is a well tuned bow, shot placement, and a quality broadhead. If you want to see the broadheads in action, check out the hunts on my Youtube channel.

Make sure you get entered for the June prize giveaway. Go to my home page and subscribe to the website. This will get you into all the prize giveaways each month. The June giveaway is a new pack of Grim Reaper Broadheads and a hat. Good luck to all who enter.


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