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What Does It Score?

I enjoy looking through social media posts about deer hunting. I also like to contribute to many groups and posts as well. Once deer hunters see velvet pictures of any buck pictures on their camera many of them have one question, " What does it score?" There are a few ways to figure this out and I will elaborate on that in another post. This blog is dedicated to the people who took the time to locate me and get their deer officially scored. They no longer have to ask, " What does this deer score? "

For those who don't know I am an official scorer for the Northeast Big Buck Club, Pennsylvania Big Game Records, Buckmasters, and Records of Exotics. As one of the directors for the state of Pennsylvania for the Northeast Big Buck Club, I get to meet many amazing hunters, score plenty of monster bucks, and hear thrilling stories. This is a passion I have and a great way to volunteer my time and give back to fantastic organizations.

A few years ago I started my own club called the Northwest Pennsylvania Monster Buck Club. I created this organization to keep track of the beautiful bucks harvested in Erie, Crawford, and Warren County. I will score and add deer to the " Other Counties " category that I created so that any Pennsylvania buck can be recognized. Since creating the club I have entered over 500 bucks in the record books for the NWPMBC.

January is when I usually start traveling around to different locations to score bucks for successful hunters. This past January I held three scoring events for hunters. The first event was at Myers Sportsman's Connection in Saegertown. The second event I had was in Elk County at the Shaft Driven Banquet. This was an amazing that showcased " Giant" bucks. The final event took place at Sportsman's Warehouse in Erie, PA.

These three events allowed hunters to get their officially scored and entered in to the record books. Fifteen people had me score their deer officially and joined the NBBC. Congratulations to those people who are now part of the NBBC organization. Here is a recap of the successful hunters and their bucks.

  1. John Raubenstrauch Archery Non-Typical 16 Point 182 4/8 Elk County

  2. Andrew Steger Jr. Archery Non-Typical 11 Point 157 7/8 Elk County

  3. Cory Barnett Rifle Non-Typical 14 Point 154 2/8 Elk County

  4. Chad Foster Archery Non-Typical 10 Point 151 1/8 Kansas

  5. Kyle Whaling Archery Typical 10 Point 147 0/8 Warren County

  6. John Raubenstrauch Rifle Typical 9 Point 145 4/8 Elk County

  7. Andrew Steger Jr. Archery Non-Typical 11 Point 141 6/8 Potter County

  8. Dan Hnath Archery Non-Typical 11 Point 140 5/8 Clearfield County

  9. Kegan Hyde Archery Typical 10 Point 140 5/8 Crawford County

  10. Bradley Nichols Rifle Non-Typical 11 Point 139 7/8 Warren County

  11. Tahara Bish Archery Non-Typical 12 Point 136 2/8 Clarion County

  12. Nate Steger Jr. Archery Typical 8 Point 135 6/8 Elk County

  13. Marvin Miller Archery Typical 8 Point 135 0/8 Venango County

  14. Brian Mitchell Rifle Typical 8 Point 131 5/8 Erie County

  15. Kyle Whaling Archery Typical 10 Point 129 4/8 Erie County

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I will be having more scoring events through the year. Join the Facebook page for the Northwest Pennsylvania Monster Buck Club to get announcement about events and giveaways.

If you are from Pennsylvania please check out the Facebook page for the NBBC. You can use the link below to join the page.

Anyone who is interested in having a buck scored can contact me on Facebook or through my email address. I will also post my phone number as well. If you have a suggestion for a location to have a scoring event, please let me know. I am always willing to travel and score some bucks for a group of people. As long as your buck has dried for 60 days, I am able to officially score it for these groups.

Contact Information:

Brian R. Kightlinger



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