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Watching Antler Growth

I really enjoy PA Spring Turkey season for a few reason. The first is obvious, it is for chasing longbeards. The second is looking for sheds that have been dropped by bucks. The last reason is freshening my Buckstik products.

Due to the 2020 Coronavirus I have been able to hunt almost every day. I called a few birds in for my daughter on the opening day but she failed to connect on two separate birds. I even missed a strutting thunder chicken at 40 yards. That one stings a bit but there is plenty of season left to fill a few tags.

SInce the turkey season has started I have been lucky enough to find a few sheds. My daughter and I found a spike shed on the first day of the PA Junior hunt. A few days later I found a noce 4 point shed in NY. Just the other day I found a 3 point shed on my 12 acres I purchased. I am hoping to find a few more before the season is over.

The last reason I enjoy the PA Spring Turkey season is that I can freshen up my Buckstik! I leave my Buckstiks out all year around and the deer hit it almost every day. Now that the calendar has crept into the month of May, I am starting to see antler growth. Buckstik is one of the easiest ways to collect and inventory bucks as they are growing their antlers. With the 3 glands lures provided: PreOrbital, Forehead, and Interdigital a few sprays on the correct areas and the deer will continue to freshen your Buckstik! You can check out Buckstik at and see all of the wonderful products to help hunters with gland lures and mock scrapes.

Recent trail camera pictures from my Buckstik taken by my Spypoint Link Micro.

I am sure there will be more great pictures taken as bucks come in to leave their scent on the Buckstik. I can't wait to see how many bucks leave their scent on the Buckstik!


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