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Not All Strings Are Created Equally!

Bow strings are essential to the success of your hunt! Not all bow strings are created equally. Over the years, I have relied on stock strings from bow manufacturers and other companies to ensure my bow performs at its best. Unfortunately, there have been many times that I have had the strings stretch or had issues with peep rotation. The biggest issue I had was keeping the strings waxed. No matter what I did, my strings seemed to need maintenance all the time.

A3 Archery To The Rescue

Surfing my social media pages, I came across a post about a new string on the market. I wasn't sure if I wanted to travel down the rabbit hole or not. Something inside of me said to click the link, so I did. The website for A3 Archery is a treasure trove of important information about their strings. After learning about their strings, I decided to order a set of the B99 Bloodline Strings. I waited patiently for them to arrive, and once I got them, I took my bow to the shop to have them installed.

It didn't take long for the shop to swap out the strings on my Darton Spectra E32 with the Bloodline strings. Wow, I was impressed with what happened next! Not only did my new A3 Bloodline strings look amazing, but I also picked up five feet per second of speed. I ran multiple arrows through the chronograph, and each arrow setup showed an increase in speed. Here are the other reasons I switched to A3 Archery Bloodline Strings.

  1. No Blended Fibers- This is important for strength and consistency.

  2. Waxless- The material is waxless, so there is no need to worry about waxing the strings.

  3. Water Resistant- This is great because the strings will not stretch.

  4. Abrasion Resistant- The strings will stand up to abrasions and stay strong.

  5. Pre-Stretched- This is one of the key reasons I love these strings! No need to worry about shooting the strings a few hundred times and taking them back to the shop, and putting twists in the string.

  6. Pre-Cycled- Because the strings are pre-cycled, you get zero peep rotation. Training the string to go back to where it needs to be after each shot.

  7. Served Loop Ends- A great feature of the strings for added protection, consistency, and durability.

If you are looking for new bow strings this year, do yourself a favor and check out A3 Archery for all your string needs. I couldn't be happier with the strings I have for all my Darton bows.


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