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Tune Up for Turkey

It is the first week of April, and the Pennsylvania Turkey season is almost here! That means there is still plenty of time to pattern your shotgun, dig out those calls, and order new calls if needed. This blog will help you prepare for the run and gun excitement of Spring Turkey Season!

Pattern Your Shotgun

It is always great to have options! This year I am confident with both guns I have patterned. The first gun I patterned was my Mossberg SA-410. After shooting the stock choke last year, I found a better one for my 410. The Rectifire Diamond Series Turkey Tumbler is my choke, and the ammo is Verdict TSS in a 9.5 shot. This combination really works well for me out to forty yards. Check out the video to see how I figured this out.

My second gun of choice is my Mossberg SA-20. Recently I spent time in the backyard shooting two different chokes out of this gun. The first choke was the Rectifire Diamond Series Turkey Tumbler. This choke shot best with the Verdict TSS in 9 shot. Watch the video as I shoot the target at thirty yards.

The second choke tube I shot with my SA-20 was the Rectifire Spade Series choke tube. This tube is best with Federal TSS in 9 shot. I shot two other ammo brands out of this choke with success. What surprised me the most about this choke is that it can handle regular turkey loads in 5 or 6 shot. The Winchester XX 5 shot outperformed the Browning TSS 7 shot. Watch the video for yourself and see.

Turkey Calls

When it comes to turkey calls, there is one brand that I rely on. The company that makes the best turkey calls is Mountain Hollow Game Calls. Ken Hammel is the owner of the company, and for 40 years, he has been offering top-notch turkey calls. Over the past few years, I have had many memorable turkey hunts using his products.

Prophylactic Mouth Calls

Mountain Hollow offers some amazing prophylactic mouth calls. Three of my favorites are the Radical Hen, Prima Donna, and the G.F. Gobbler Getter. These three calls are easy to use and allow me to make realistic hen sounds. My gobbler last year couldn't help himself when he heard the Radical Hen.

Friction Calls

Mountain Hollow makes two amazing friction calls. The first is a Limited Edition Double Glass call. The Gobb-Stopper Friction call is easy to work and makes calling easy. This glass call can be really loud or very soft. Gobblers answer when they hear this call. It is a great locator call but is deadly at bringing the love-sick gobblers into range. This call works in the rain, has a Hickory and Purple Heart Striker, and comes with sandpaper and a cleaning pad. Get one soon before they are gone for good.

The second friction call that I love is called the Double Talk Legend. This call is two-sided and made out of Zebra Wood. Like the Gobb-Stopper, the Double Talk comes with sandpaper, a cleaning pad, a Hickory Striker, and a Purple Heart Striker. The glass side of the Double Talk makes crisp turkey sounds. On the underside of the call is a slate that produces raspy hen sounds. Being able to use two calls at once is huge. Check out the Double Talk and "Walk the Walk" when you "Talk the Talk!"

Check out all the action on the Mountain Hollow Game Call Youtube Page.

There is still plenty of time to shoot that gun and get everything ready for the season. I wish you the best this season. Remember to always identify your target and be sure of your surroundings. Please take a moment to join the youtube page and go to the main page of the website and subscribe to get email updates.


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