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Great American Outdoor Show

The 2024 Great American Outdoor Show is one of the largest shows in the United States. Outdoorsmen flock to see the new products introduced from vendors all over the world. This year I took my son with me to help me cover the show. We had a wonderful time talking with old friends and meeting new ones. Here are some of the vendors we visited and the new products they are introducing.

The first vendor that I visited was Verdict Ammunition. I was excited to see they had a new choke tube line they launched. Verdict ammunition makes incredible TSS loads for turkey, waterfowl, and predators. Jacob was kind enough to show off the new choke tubes for .410 and 12 ga. These choke tube will be a big hit this year for turkey hunters. Check out the video to learn more about Verdict Ammunition.

The second vendor we visited was Hawke Optics. Josh from Verdict encouraged me to stop by the booth and check out their turkey scope. I listened to Josh and stopped to check over their turkey scope. WOW! The 1x4x20 illuminated turkey scope is incredible. The scope can be illuminated red or green or used as a regular scope. The glass is clear and sight picture is amazing. I made sure to get one of the scopes before leaving. Along with the scope I had to get a range finder. I am really impressed with the line of scopes Hawke has to offer. In the future, I will be purchasing binoculars and a few more scopes. Check out the video review on the turkey scope.

Two years ago, I purchased a Mossberg SA-410 for turkey hunting. I love that gun and the knockdown power it has. After getting a new turkey scope I had to stop at the Mossberg booth to see if they had anything new. Jackpot! The new Pistol Grip SA-28 was on display. I love that Mossberg has guns on display to shoulder and handle. Needless to say, I will be getting a new SA-28 before turkey season arrives. Check out the SA-28 in this video. I know you will want one after you see the video. Look at that Bottomlands camo!

For the second year in a row I had to stop and visit my friends at the Painted Arrow Outdoors booth. These guys have blown up! They provide hunters with numerous products to self-film their hunts. I have been using their Mag Pro Plus over the last two years and find it to be an amazing product to film with. Painted Arrow Outdoors has lots of new gadgets for 2024 to share with the public. Check out the new overhead mount and a few of the other products.

One of my new breakthrough products from 2023 was Scent Thief. This company has made major advancements in scent elimination. I was happy to see the product at the show for the first time. Scent Thief gets the credit for keeping me from being winded while hunting in 2023. Scent Thief offers a few sizes of spray, clothes was, wafers and body wash. I have to admit, it didn't take mong for me to realize how powerful their products were. Check out the products and challenge yourself to do the smell test.

Want to make your deer hunting area come to life? Check out the products from Wyndscent. The company specializes in vaporizing deer scents, cover scents and more. I have used these products religiously over the past three seasons and I highly recommend them. In 2023, Wyndscent brought out one new product and I love it. The E-Thermal Enticer has multiple uses for an outdoorsman. Check out the video and see what it can do.

Mountain Hollow Game Calls have been a proud sponsor of Left in the Field Outdoors for years. Ken and his team make fantastic turkey calls. If you want mouth calls, box calls, or locator calls, Mountain Hollow Game Calls has you covered. New for this year is a new mouth call that allows you to Ki Ki Run like a champ. Watch and listen!

V.A.T. introduced some coo products in 2023 and Left In The Field Outdoors used them all. FanLok, Bonebrite, Velvalok, Hidelok, TrophyKlean, and Stainscrub. These products are perfect to have on hand for many situations. Check out the video to learn more about the products.

The 2024 Great American Outdoor Show was a blast to attend. My son and I spent a full day interviewing vendors and watching seminars. We took our time walking through the vast number of outfitters, looking for the perfect hunt. I am turning "50" this year and want to take a hunt to celebrate this milestone. Please visit the websites or social media pages of these groups. They all have many great products to offer. Remember, if you attend the GAOS make sure to hold on to your ticket. If you want to attend the very last day of the show, you can get in free!


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