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Match Made in Turkey Heaven

In my February blog, I introduced everyone to two new companies. While I was at the Harrisburg Show, I was introduced to Rectifire INC and Verdict Ammo. These two companies work together to make some amazing turkey-hunting products. Rectifie INC manufactures choke tubes, and Verdict makes turkey and predator shotgun loads. After a short conversation at both booths, I knew I had to put their products to the test.

In 2022 I won a Mossberg SA-410. I purchased some Fedral 9 shot TSS and a Vortex red dot scope. I set the gun up and waited for good weather to do a video review. Here is my video while shooting the stock choke and Federal TSS. The pattern was good, but I felt that it could be better.

My Mossberg barked early one morning before school, and this big gobbler was taking a ride to the crock pot. I was impressed with the knockdown power from the setup, but I began looking for something that would pattern a little tighter.

First Longbeard with a .410.

Throughout the winter, I started researching ammunition and choke tube companies. My Facebook feed kept filling up with posts from Rectifire Chokes and Verdict Ammunition. I visited their websites and realized they would be attending the Harrisburg Outdoor show. The night before attending the show, I prioritized visiting each booth and talking with the vendors.

The first morning of the show, I went to the main hall and looked for the Verdict Ammo booth. After passing through throngs of people, I finally found the booth. Multiple people working the booth were eagerly answering questions for many people. I patiently waited my turn and then was finally able to talk with Joshua Mullins. Joshua answered all of my questions and then asked what gun and choke tube I was using. I told him I was using a stock choke with my SA-410. Joshua told me I should talk with Alan Tuten from Rectifire Choke Tubes before purchasing any of his ammo. I chuckled and told him that Rectifire was on my list of booths to visit. I thanked Joshua for his time and headed to the Rectifire booth.

After a short walk and two right turns, I stood at the Rectifire booth. Alan Tuten introduced himself and asked how he could help me. I told him that I was looking for a turkey choke tube for my Mossberg SA-410. Alan handed me a 410 Diamond Series Turkey Tumbler choke tube. While I looked over the choke tube, Alan recommended that I shoot Verdict Ammo out of the tube for the best results. Again I laughed and told Alan that Joshua had sent me over to the Rectifire booth before purchasing any Verdict Ammo. I thanked Alan for his time and told him to look for a review from me in the near future.

Back at the Verdict Ammo booth, I got Joshua's attention and told him that I was ready to purchase some .410 ammo. Joshua grabbed two boxes of 9.5 shot and processed my credit card. He thanked me for my purchase, and I told him to watch for a video review of the two products. Man, I was excited to put these two products to the test and see if the hype was all it cracked up to be!

Patiently I waited for the weather to improve so I could pattern my Mossberg SA-410. I wanted to see how the Federal TSS 9 shot compared to the Verdict 9.5 shot. Would there be a tighter pattern that performed better? Which choke would show a more consistent pattern? I was excited to find out and video my findings.

Step 1: Shooting Federal TSS 9 shot with the stock choke and then shooting Verdict 9.5 shot with the stock Choke. Both shots will be at twenty yards.

Step 2: Change the stock choke to the Rectifire Turkey Tumble Diamond Series Choke. Shoot Federal TSS 9 shot and then Verdict 9.5 at twenty yards.

Step 3: Shoot Federal TSS 9 shot and Verdict 9.5 shot at a forty-yard target with the Rectifire Turkey Tumbler Diamond Series Choke.

The video was done using a Caldwell Lead Sled to ensure the best results!


There are 395 BB's in the 9.5 Verdict TSS shells.

Stock Choke and Federal TSS 9 at twenty yards

BB's in Kill: 69

BB's in Small Circle: 61

BB's in Big Circle: 171

This was the setup I used in the Spring of 2022. It was adequate for a 410 and did a good job shooting a bird at twenty-eight yards. The bird dropped and never flopped.

Stock Choke and Verdict TSS 9.5 at twenty yards

BB's in Kill: 102 = 26%

BB's in Small Circle: 112 = 28%

BB's in Big Circle: 217 = 55%

The Verdict ammo preformed well out of the stock choke. The patter was dense at twenty yards. AS you can see there were over one hundred BB's in the kill area and 217 in the big circle. This would be a good setup for my Mossberg SA-410.

Rectifire Choke and Federal TSS 9 at twenty yards

BB's in Kill: 37

BB's in Small Circle: 29

BB's in Big Circle: 106

The Federal TSS in 9 shot didn't perform well out of the Rectifire Choke. I believe the wads in the Federal shells are different and that might have caused the poor performance. This set up would easily kill a turkey at twenty yards but it might make it tougher over thirty yards. This was the worst pattern at twenty yards.

Rectifire Choke and Verdict 9.5 TSS at twenty yards

BB's in Kill: 102 = 26%

BB's in Small Circle: 115 = 29%

BB's in Big Circle: 230 = 58%

The Rectifire Turkey Tumbler Diamond series choke and the Verdict 9.5 at twenty yards produced a tighter pattern than the stock choke and Verdict ammo. As you can see this setup also produced 102 BB's in the kill area. The numbers of BB's in the small cirlce was greater and there were 230 BB's in the big circle. Overall. this was the tightest and deadliest pattern at twenty yards.

Rectifire Choke and Verdict 9.5 TSS at forty yards

BB's in Kill: 66 = 17%

BB's in Small Circle: 54 = 14%

BB's in Big Circle: 142 = 36%

I only shot the Rectifire Choke and Verdict 9.5 TSS at forty yards because of how tight the pattern was at twenty yards. The pattern at forty yards was impressive producing 66 BB's in the kill area and 142 in the big circle. I am really excited to use this setup this spring while turkey hunting. I am positive it will have the knockdown power I need.

If you are on the fence about the effectiveness of a 410 on turkeys, I hope this persuades you to give one a try. If you shoot a 20 gauge, I will be doing another test very soon with a few more Rectifire Chokes. Again, I will be comparing Federal TSS and Verdict TSS. Make sure you take a few minutes and check out both websites. Follow them on Facebook and keep up with their success.

Rectifire Chokes:


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