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February Fun

The month of February was busy. I was fortunate enough to attend the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg and work for Smokey's Deer Lures. At the show I was able to do a seminar with Smokey and work at his booth. While I was there I also had an opportunity to help at the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association Booth. The show was packed all three days I was in attendance. It was a blast getting to see all of the booths and seeing old friends.

One of the major attractions at the G.A.O.S is the archery contest. Contestants are able to come and shoot the indoor course and earn a shot at "Big Money." This year the archery contest was hosted by Big Shot Targets. I was able to see the course before people arrived to shoot. The targets looked challenging and I heard the event was well attended. One of my friends, Kenny Lantz, was the overall winner for his class. Congratulations Kenny on some amazing shooting.

I spent a few mornings walking around and checking out new products. One product in particular really caught my attention. New for 2022 is a company called Deception Scents. This company specializes in a few products that kill bacteria at the source allowing a hunter to be scent free. I took time to meet with the owner and a few members of the staff. I was amazed to learn about the product and how powerful it really is. Deception scents has products that will help any hunter gain an advantage on their scent control. They have the following products available:

32 oz. Field Spray

Laundry Scent Eliminator

Scent Eliminator Refill Packs

D25 Fast Gas

You can find all of these products on their website and purchase them. I was lucky enough to sit down with Clint and do a little video. Check it out for more details.

Another interesting company and product was called Wall Hangers. This product is made in the USA and allows you to hang up your European Skull Mounts easily. These small brackets mount easily to your wall with one screw. The product is made to fit any European skull mount.

During the month of February I had two scoring events. One event was held at Myers Sportsman's Connection and the other was at Sportsman's Warehouse. There were a total of 21 deer officially scored for the NBBC. The largest buck was a Mega Stud shot by Brandon Pratt. His buck was a 19 point that scored 192 5/8. Check out the video and subscribe to the channel.


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