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The first day of Spring has finally arrived and the weather is beginning to get nice. Now is the time to get out and start your deer herd inventory. So what will you need to make this a little easier for you? Depends on what state you live in and the regulations you have to follow. Each state is different so be careful you are keeping within the state laws.

I usually have cameras running all year. I have found that the SpyPoint cameras have been amazing. I run 3 Spypoint cameras all year. Two of the cameras are cell cameras and the other is just a regular trail camera.

During the early Spring I like to move my cameras to areas I know deer will be traveling through. In my home state of Pennsylvania I have to be careful with running mineral sites due to state regulations. So with this in mind I have adapted by using the Buckstik products to inventory my deer herd.

The Buckstik allows me to easily move the Buckstik to any location I want. The Buckstik goes together easily and can be moved to any location. The power behind the Buckstik is the use of natural gland lure. Buckstik gives you Forehead gland lure, Preorbital gland lure, and Interdigital gland lure with your purchase. So this is what makes it so easy.

Knowing the area I want to place my Spypoint camera and Buckstik I sneak in during the day to set things up. I make sure the camera will get a good picture of the deer hitting the Buckstik so I can see if it is a buck or doe. When applying the gland lure to the Buckstik I make sure that I only use a little amount. The lure is powerful and will attract many deer.

Once I have everything set I wait for the pictures to come to my cell phone. I can see daily how many deer are coming through the area and this will help me inventory my deer herd. Don't be surprised if you become addicted to looking at the pictures sent to your cell phone!

Right now I am currently running two Buckstiks on two pieces of property. I have been getting excellent photos of many deer coming by to leave their scent on the Buckstik. Just the other day I got a picture of a 2.5 year old buck still holding both antlers. I was not surprised by this at all.

If you do live in an area where you can use mineral sites without having to clean them I then I would highly recommend using a product such as Lucky Buck with the Buckstik. I am sure you would get plenty of pictures with that product.

While we are on the topic of using trail cameras, let's take a minute and see what is new from Spypoint that will be coming out in the Spring of 2020. Me personally, I can't wait to ther the new Link Micro S LTE. That is correct, the S is for SOLAR! Once I have that camera installed in the woods I will never have to worry about replacing batteries. The camera will charge by using ambient light! There are a few other new products that will really take scouting cameras to the next level.






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