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September and Mock Scrape Basics

Mock scrapes have been my passion for over a decade. Smokey's Deer Lures have been the magic elixir for all of my success. Since 2011, eleven bucks have made the mistake of hitting my mock scrapes at the wrong time. A perfectly placed scrape has helped me seal the deal on many hunts.

Boots on the ground after the hunting season is the best way to find trails that deer use to travel. Once I find the trails, I connect the pieces on how they are traveling and where they are bedding. While studying the trails, I look for the perfect spot to place a new mock scrape. I want the scrape to get plenty of activity, so the deer can communicate each time they use the trail. I like to start my scrapes in early spring so that deer will use them throughout the year. Check out the video on Spring mock scrapes.

If you didn't get a chance to make your mock scrapes yet, it isn't too late. September is a great time to create some scrapes. Here are some tips for your September mock scrapes.

Location is Key

Knowing your property and deer herd is important when looking for a place to make your mock scrape. A scrape placed in a funnel or outside a bedding area will get immediate attention from deer. Place a trail camera on the scrape and watch the deer go to work. If deer use the scrape frequently, look for a tree to hang a stand! Deer will continue to use the scrape more frequently as the hunting season progresses.

Make It Look Real

Make your scrape look realistic! I always ensure that my licking branch or vine has leaves for the deer to use. Under the licking branch, I make a large scrape in the dirt. I expose as much dirt as possible, so it looks like deer are using it often. If the scrape is in the right spot and looks well used, deer will use it.

Introduce A New Buck

When I start a new scrape, I use three products from Smokey's Deer Lures to introduce a new buck. On the licking branch, I will place Smokey's Preorbital gland lure. Next, on the leaves, I place some forehead gland lure. Lastly, I use Smokey's Buck Interdigital gland lure in the scrape. I have found that using all three products when I start a scrape introduces a new buck to the area, and deer come to investigate.

Why Gland Lure?

Gland lure is superior to urine when it comes to making mock scrapes. Urine breaks down quickly and becomes ammonia. Gland lure, since it is oil-based, lasts longer and smells like a real deer. The best reason to use gland lure is that you only have to use a small amount to have immediate success. Check out these videos to learn more about the power of Gland Lures in Mock Scrapes.

Preorbital Basics

Forehead Basics

Interdigital Gland

If you are interested in learning more about gland lure, feel free to check out my book, Non-Verbal Whitetail Deer Communication - The Power of Gland Lure. You can get the book on my website and many of Smokey's products. A lucky winner will win a copy of my book this month, along with a few other prizes. Make sure you are entered into the drawing for September. Go to my home page and become a subscriber.


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