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New From Smokey's: Doe Interdigital PLUS!

Buck urine, Doe urine, Human urine, I hear people talk about them all the time. I don't use urine anymore and haven't in over a decade. The main reason I quit using urine is that it breaks down very quickly. I spent a lot of money on urine that wasn't even natural, and I used it too fast.

So what changed my mind? I met Smokey McNicholas, owner of Smokey's Deer Lures, and he turned me on to gland lures. Since 2011, I have found that gland lure beats urine all the time. Probably the main reason I switched to gland lure is that it is all-natural. Gland lure lasts longer than urine, and I only have to use a small amount. Lastly, it is the primary way deer communicate every day!

The three main gland lures I use are Pre Orbital, Forehead, and Buck Interdigital. Using these three products in a mock scrape has been my bread and butter since 2011. Over the past decade, I have killed over a dozen deer in multiple states using these three lures. There were only two years in the past decade where I didn't kill a buck in my home state of Pennsylvania.

Killed this buck as he was heading to my mock scrape.

Smokey has a plethora of unique products that I use throughout the year. A quick visit to his website, and you will find tarsal gland lure, metatarsal gland lure, Wicked Wicks, Buck Drip, Doe in Heat Lure, and Rut n' Bucks Lure. Every single one of these products gets my 100% seal of approval. They all work fantastic!

If you are new to gland lures, you might want to purchase my book called Non-Verbal Whitetail Deer Communication. The book describes each gland a whitetail has and how they use it to communicate. Along with that information, the book highlights how a hunter can use each gland lure during the year, especially during hunting season. I will leave a link at the bottom of this blog for anyone interested.

New to Smokey's arsenal this year is a product that will be incredible. Recently, Smokey created a product called Smokey's Doe Interdigital Plus. This product will be a game-changer when used correctly by hunters!

Doe Interdigital PLUS

What is this new product?

Doe Interdigital Plus is an interdigital gland lure from a single doe mixed with 10% doe in heat. What makes that unique? You can introduce a new doe to your property that is getting ready to go into estrus. Hunters know bucks are cruising in the pre-rut, looking for a doe that might be ready to go into estrus. Smokey's Doe Interdigital Plus allows the hunter to surprise a cruising buck and bring him in for a shot. This product is brilliant.

When Should I Use This Product?

First, the hunter must use this product at the correct time. If a hunter uses this product too early, he might spook the buck he is after. The best time to use this product will be from late October until the second rut is over. Doe will cycle in and out of estrus, so it is safe to use throughout that time frame.

Strategies for the Hunter

Smokey recommends an easy way to use this product. All you need is a thumbtack and a cotton ball. Use the thumbtack to attach the cotton ball to the bottom of your boot. Take a dropper full of the Doe Interdigital in heat and apply it to the cotton ball. Walk around your stand in a big circle, leaving a fresh trail. You are introducing a new doe to the area, and she is starting to come into estrus. Any cruising buck that catches that scent will come to investigate.

If you like using a decoy, the Doe Interdigital Plus will bring that decoy to life. Set up your decoy where you want. Next, place a few cotton balls by the hooves of the decoy. Put a few drops of the Doe Interdigital Plus on each cotton ball. Take two cotton balls and use the thumbtacks to put them on the tread of your boot. Apply a few drops of the Doe Interdigital Plus to the cotton balls and walk around your decoy. Head to your stand and wait.

Another strategy is to use Doe Interdigital Plus on a drag rag. Hunters have used drag rags for years. Apply a dropper full of the lure on the drag rag and drag it as you walk to your stand. Before climbing into your tree stand, hang the drag on a low-hanging branch. If you want, add a few more drops of the lure to the rag. Remember that you are using an interdigital gland lure, don't hang the drag six feet in the air.

Lastly, you can use the Doe Interdigital Plus in your mock scrapes. A doe that is coming into estrus will visit mock scrapes and wait for bucks to arrive. A hunter can spice up their mock scrape to make a buck think a doe is waiting for him. It is that simple!

If this blog has piqued your interest in gland lure, feel free to check out Smokey's website. I placed the link at the bottom of this blog along with the link to my book. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about any of Smokey's products. I love talking with other hunters about any hunting-related topic. I am a Smokey's Deer Lure dealer so feel free to reach out if you need some product.

Smokey's Doe Interdigital Plus is $14.95 plus rush shipping and handling.

Smokey's Website:

Link to my book:


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