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Follow the Blood Trail

I woke up one morning from a very vivid dream. Once I wrote all of the words out to describe the dream, this is what it was about.

The snow fell softly turning the landscape white

The excited boy leaped from his bed having hardly slept through the night

It was his first time hunting and Grandpa was excited too

Before heading out the door there were things they had to do

Pack a lunch, put on warm clothes, have something warm to drink

The boy was anxious and excited it was hard for him to think

Grandpa said, “Come on, let's go, we are heading to the stand!”

Outside in the darkness, the boy reached for his grandpa’s hand

Together through the snow, they walked to a special place

The wind was cold and bit at the boy’s face

Carefully they climbed up the ladder and waited for the sun to rise

The orange sun rose slowly revealing a wonderful surprise

In the distance, they could see a lone buck walking

The boy was ready with his rifle there was no more need for talking

Intensely, Grandpa watched as the boy took careful aim

With a loud crack, the rifle barked, the boy’s life would never be the same

The buck bolted for thick cover and quickly disappeared

The shaking boy looked at the old man who was grinning ear to ear

Down the ladder, heart beating fast, the boy was on a mission

Grandpa walking just behind had made a final decision

Quickly they walked through the woods to where the buck once stood

Bright red blood painted the snow they knew the shot was good

Over the hill, the crimson drops lead to the expired buck

The boy was so excited he couldn’t believe his luck

Grandpa suggested they take some time and give thanks to God

The confused boy agreed though he thought this request was odd

Passionate words of thanks fell on the boy’s heart

Grandpa said, “Amen!” The work was about to start

Moved by the prayer the boy began to cry

Grandpa already knew he didn’t have to ask why

Standing in quiet peace Grandpa talked about a free gift called, “Grace”

The boy listened closely while the tears streamed down his face

The wise grandfather held the boy and helped him understand

Jesus Christ was sent to Earth just as God had planned

In the embrace, the boy asked how to get Jesus to come into his heart

Grandpa said, “Repeat after me and this will be the start!”

Lord, I am a sinner

I repent of all my sin

Please forgive me of my wrongdoings

Help me not to sin again

I believe you sent Jesus Christ to die and set me free

I believe he died and rose again and has prepared a place for me

Come into my heart and end all my strife

Send your Holy Spirit to guide me for the rest of my life

The boy repeated every word his grandpa had to say

On that hunt, in the snow, the boy’s life had changed that day

Written by: Brian R. Kightlinger 2019


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