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Many of you, that follow my page, know that I am an official scorer for the Northeast Big Buck Club. Ten years ago I started running a buck pool for friends and family. Since then it has grown and everyone has a lot of fun. I wanted to share with you some of the success that people have had during the first archery season.

Saturday was the last day for the first archery season and things were just starting to heat up. Many reports from hunters had deer on their feet seeking and chasing. The hunters in the pool were able to harvest 22 bucks in the first third of this year’s pool.

The top spot right now is held by a wide racked 9 point shot by Scott Spade! His buck scores 125 6/8. Jeff Bowersox’s 9 point non-typical buck sits in 2nd place scoring 106 ⅝. Close behind is Jason Lockwood with a 105 4/8 inch 9 point and Ryan Scrips with a 104 2/8 inch 7 point. David Friedman rounds out the bigger bucks with a wide 7 point that scores 101 2/8.

Scott Spaid and his 125 6/8 inch buck that leads the pool!

At this point, there are still 12 bucks that I need to score and some are pretty nice. Carl Wolfrom shot a nice 8 point and so did Tristan York. I will get to those as the season progresses and we get closer to the end of the competition.

Carl Wolfrom shot this 8 point that has yet to be scored.

For the youth hunters, Billy Shaffer is in the lead right now with a 72 0/8 inch buck. I believe Jack Whitman will take over that #1 spot once I get a chance to score his 8 point. Always some great bucks taken by the junior hunters.

Jack Whitman with his 8 point buck!

For those hunters who are in the team contest, one team has 3 bucks harvested. The team of Ryan Scrips, Corey Scrips, and Nate Johns have all of their tags filled. A few other teams have 2 bucks accounted for and hoping for a third tag filled. There were two bucks taken by hunters, not in the regular contest: Kelly Hyde killed a 130 0/8 14 point and Paul Frazier killed a 121 2/8 inch 8 point. Those bigger bucks could put those teams at the top by the end.

Ryan Scrips

Nate Johns

Cory Scrips

As you can see there have been some great PA bucks harvested in the 2019 archery season. I am excited to see what will be harvested during the two-week rifle season. I am sure someone will shoot a 140 inch buck or larger. Stay tuned as the contest will pick up again in two weeks.

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