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15 Years Shooting Grim Reaper

Growing up as a child I was fortunate enough to have an uncle introduce me to archery at a young age. Uncle Russ owned a small store and he allowed my cousin and me to shoot our recurve bows in the back of the store. My cousin and I spent hours making our own targets out of cardboard boxes and then we would shooting for hours. I loved spending time shooting bows and I was hooked from the very start.

After many years of struggling to get better with my recurve I finally realized I was left eye dominant and needed to start shooting left handed. It was hard to find a left handed bow so I would just shoot a right handed bow, left handed. I continued to do this until my early 20’s when I was given a steal of a deal on a left handed Bear compound bow. When I first got that Bear bow I shot fingers and had to practice every day to gain confidence in my ability to shoot at a small target.

By the fall of 1997, I was confident in my ability to consistently shoot at a target under 20 yards. I hunted a few years with that set up but never had the opportunity to harvest a deer. So in 1999, I purchased a Jennings Buckmaster compound bow and a new release. Right away I noticed the difference on how well I could shoot and how much more accurate I was out to 40 yards. With my confidence at a new high I looked forward to the open