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Diamond In The Rough

Over the Thanksgiving break I was invited to hunt at The Pig Farm, located in Parker, Pennsylvania. I had never really heard of the place yet it was only 70 miles away from my house. Larry Lint, owner and operator, has been running the preserve for over 20 years now. I talked with him about a hog hunt and I decided to head down to his place.

I arrived early to Larry's and found it very easy to access from interstate 80. He is only about 6 miles or less off of exit 42. Larry opens his home to the hunters when they arrive for a nice breakfast. His wife, Maddie, is bus making sure the hunters have something in their bellies before heading out to hunt. I enjoyed a cup of tea and some great conversation with Larry before heading out to hunt some hogs.

The day was windy and cold. I dressed in my G-Force Evolved Camo and made sure I had plenty of layers to keep warm from the cutting wind. Larry and I walked to a ladder stand and I prepared for the hunt. I was after a big hog so I could fill my freezer with delicious pork. It wasn't long and I had a group of hogs come from the thick brush behind me. I watched as they all cautiously crossed the opening I was watching. There were some excellent boars in the group and I chose to let them pass hoping to see more boars come my way.

About an hour of time passed and I heard another group of hogs coming my way. They again held tight in the brush and slowly materialized on the path I was watching. There were a few boars in that group as well and I elected to pass once more. I wanted to see a bunch of hogs before I made the decision to try and shoot one. So far, I was very impressed with the hogs and their size.

The groups of hogs passes and went into the thick cover behind me. 15 minutes later I could hear more hogs coming from the thick cover in front of me. In that groups was 5 nice boars all of them I considered shooters. They were filtering from the right to my left. I was hoping this would be perfect as I am left handed and I was using my Athens Revelation 6. I turned on my Ultra Pro X camera and began to film my hunt. The hogs worked to within 20 yards but they held tight to the cover. Two larger boars were leading the pack and I was focused on both of them.

Waiting patiently for the boars to make the last move, I readied for a shot! The larger boar stepped out from behind a small tree and I drew my bow. I touched off the shot and watched the Nu-Fletch Ignitor nock disappear through the hog. The Grim Reaper Hybrid head blew right through the 300 lb. hog. The boar squealed and went 15 yards before crashing in the thick cover. I called Larry and let him know I had a boar on the ground.

Larry and I dressed the hog and loaded it up on the Polaris. We headed back to his house where we were able to hoist the hog up to be skinned and quartered. Larry had a local butcher come and skin, quarter, and pack your animals. He has a nice walk in cooler and an ice machine so your game is ready to go when you are.

Check out The Pig Farm at:

Check out the video of my hunt at the link below.

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