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One Week, 3 States, 3 Bucks

My season certainly was slow. Between traveling for soccer and all the other events, it seemed to never heat up. The farm I hunt has 80 acres of corn on and the deer were taking up residence in it.

I left for a hunting trip, in Ohio, on November 2 nd. I hunted hard on the first and second day. On the third day my persistence paid off. I harvested a beautiful 9 point with my Athens Revelation. He scored right around the 140 mark!

On November 6th, I skipped my soccer practice and headed to a small 40 acre property. At 4:30 I had a nice 6 point come into my grunt call. The buck walked directly to my Buck Cage and stopped, giving me a 20 yard shot. That buck scored 104 5/8.

November 10th I made the 6 hour drive to River Valley Whitetail Outfitters. I sat all day for the first day of rifle season. I heard a few bucks chasing some does but they never gave me a chance to even see them. The next morning I was able to shoot a big bodied 6 point. He was wide and heavy! He was a huge fighter and had broken off both of his G2's. I will score him later but I am guessing he will go over 100 inches.

My season started out very slow and then caught steam like a train out of control. It was one of the most exciting seasons I have ever had. I am looking forward to late season archery for some slick heads.

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