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The PA archery season is just a few days away! Are you ready for a safe and hopefully successful season? What have you done to prepare?

One of the things I do to ensure safety is use safe and secure stands, like the Advanced Takedown Treestands, as they snug up easily and nicely to the tree. I also take advantage of other amazing products like, Stealth Steps, and the Treestand Wingman, from Black Ash Outdoor Products.

The Treestand wingman ensures I will be connected to the tree at all times and in the case of a fall, it will slowly lower me to the ground. This will ensure that I do not have any issues with suspension trauma.

The Wingman will work with any treestand harness and keep you safe! I like to use the Hunter Safety System Lifelines at all of my stands. These lifelines are great for keeping me attached to the tree at all times in case of a slip or fall.

Please be safe this season and come home to your family!

If you have questions about the treestand wingman please feel free to contact me.

Check out the Treestand Wingman at

If you choose to be safe and get a Wingman, at checkout use the code Kighty7 for a percentage off the product.

Here is a short video as well about the Treestand Wingman:

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