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New Look, Same Great Product

For almost 30 years hunters have been able to stay invisible to game they hunt by using Nature's Essence products. In the fall of 2015, Nature's Essence owners, Rick Giles and Rick Giles Jr, decided to update the look of Nature's Essence. They created a new logo and new color schemes that look amazing! The new colors make the bottle stand out and get easy recognition. But don't you worry, the products inside of the bottle remain the same. For those who have used Nature's Essence in the past, they know they can rely on the awesome product to keep them invisible in the woods.

Nature's Essence is also launching their new interactive website. On the new site there are brand new testimonials, a blog, videos, and details about each product. Feel free to stop in and learn about all the amazing products that can keep you hidden while in the woods. Jump on the store and order some products for spring bear, hog hunts, or for the fall.

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