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What gimmicks do you fall for? Whether it is hunting or fishing, the industry is full of gimmicks. Which lures to use? Which broadhead to shoot? Which line is best? Which doe in heat urine really brings in that big buck. Life as we know it is full of gimmicks and we get fooled many times!

Aren't you glad that when it comes to salvation in Jesus Christ there are no gimmicks? Jesus offers us Grace and all we have to do is accept it! Living your life for Jesus is not easy and there are no easy gimmicks to bring you closer to him. Reading the word daily, meditating and praying, sharing his word, helping those around you, and living for him!

Jesus didn't need any gimmicks! He told people, I am the way and the truth and the life! He was not lying, he was what he said.

Get rid of the gimmicks and look for the truth.

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