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Devotion and Anticipation

Throught the year I see many hunters devoting a great deal of time anticipating differnt events in the woods. After deer season is over the anticipation of shed hunting begins and people are devoted to going out and finding the sheds of their next target buck. Once the snow melts and spring arrives they devote time to hunting turkeys and looking for any sign that their target buck is in the area. Next comes the minerals, food plots, trail cameras, and summer scouting. Time is devoted without thinking about why? We all know why! We want to get ahead of that target buck. We try to anticipate what he will do, where he will be, what doe will he be after. This game plays out with many hunters every year. We all have done it and will continue to do it! It is part of the great need to outsmart the biggest buck in your area.

What kind of devotion and anticipation do you have for Christ? Do you spend time daily in the Word of God? Do you pray diligently? Do we put others infront of ourselves? Do we attend church and get involved? I am sure we all struggle with these issues but we are forgetting about the anticipation for Christ to return. Will you be ready when he returns?

Imagine if we devoted as much time to Christ as we do to hunting whitetails! Start off with a short schedule:

1. Find a daily devotional

2. Find time to pray

3. Find a church!

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