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How Safe Are You?

We all should be looking at how safe we are when we are out in God's creation! Always identify your target, practice shooting through the season, follow the game laws, treat every firearm as if it is loaded, and treestand safety.

When you are planning on getting into your stand, make sure you are connected at all times. One slip could change your life forever. Wear a safety harness and have a plan if you fall. After searching for many years, I found a fall restraint system that is amazing. The Treestand Wingman, by Black Ash Outdoor Products, allows you to be slowly lowered to the ground should you slip and fall.

Our relationship with God is the same way. He is the only 100% safety harness to keep us from Hell! The best part is, you do not have to purchase this safety restraint system. God gives us Grace and all we have to do is accept it!

Are you safe? Is God your safety restraint? If he isn't take some time to seach him out while you are enjoying his creation.

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