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September is Here!!!

September is here and many PA hunters are making final preparations for the Archery Season. So what exactly are hunters doing at this time?

Since May, many of the PA hunters I know have been working on setting stands, clearing shooting lanes, planting food plots, and creating mock scrapes. They put a great deal of time and effort into making sure they can spend the month of September scouting!

PA hunters have the luxury of scouting bean and clover fields late in the evenings. Many of my fellow hunters also enjoy heading out after dark with a spotlight. Many bucks are shedding their velvet and changing their feeding habits.

Bucks are transitioning from beans, which are turning yellow, to acorns and green vegetation. Many of my friends have seen bachelor groups break up and are seeing new bucks on their trail cameras. Many of us are getting psyched with anticipation of being 20 feet closer to God!

In the coming weeks hunters can set drippers and freshen up their mock scrapes. Some hunters will move their trail cameras to new locations hoping to get a glimpse of a new target buck.

As each day passes, I encourage everyone to make sure they are shooting their bows and crossbows to ensure they are shootimg straight. It isn't to late to checkout the amazing Glorynocks for your arrows or crossbow bolts. I highly recommend these amazing nocks.


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