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Goodbye 2021

Another year has come to an end and my family has remained safe from Covid 19. I wish that it was the same for many of my friends but it is not. I want to take a few minutes and recap highlights from 2021. I hope you enjoy these 2021 memories.

Aoudad Hunt

In February of 2021, I had a wonderful hunt at The Wilderness Hunting Lodge in PA. The weather was cold and there was plenty of snow on the ground to stalk an aoudad. Dressed in my Rocky merino wool outfit I spent the morning trying to locate where the aoudad might be. I was using my Mathews VXR, Black Eagle Arrows, and Grim Reaper Broadheads on this hunt.

It took a few hours but I finally located an aoudad that was bedded on a hillside. Using the wind in my favor, I was able to sneak within 25 yards for a shot. My well-placed arrow anchored the aoudad. The hunt was so much fun and a great way to start 2021.

Writing Awards

In 2020, I joined two Writing organizations. The Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association and the Mason-Dixon Outdoor Writers Association. I won my first Writing award in 2020 and was shocked to win 5 awards in 2021. The MDOWA chose two of my articles for top honors. The POWA chose 3 of my articles for the first runner-up. It has been rewarding learning from mentors in these groups and sharing my love for the outdoors.

Three Bucks in 2021

The 2020 deer hunting season was a huge success. As a family, we killed 3 beautiful PA bucks. Going into 2021 we weren't sure how many bucks were going to be around to hunt.

Soccer season kept us busy until November. I was the first one to fill my tag on an archery hunt on November 5th. Using a doe decoy and a new product from Smokey's Deer Lures, I was able to harvest a rutting seven-point with my Darton Spectra E.

On the first day of the PA Rifle season, I watched my daughter kill her largest buck. Using her pink camo 7mm-08, she heart shot a beautiful eight point. She cried tears of joy after we found her trophy. A few days later, her big brother, shot a six-point with his 308. For the second year in a row, everyone tagged out.

Saying Goodbye

It isn't easy to say goodbye and 2021 was tough on the hunting industry. Two people I know lost their lives. Chris Strussion, the creator of Buckstik, passed away. Later in the fall, Nick Percy, owner of Killer Food Plots, also passed away. These two men may be gone but their products and ideas will live on for others to enjoy.

Bring It

I am excited for 2022! After the past two years of pandemic living, I believe the worst is past. In the coming months, I look forward to making mock scrapes, attending the Harrisburg show, and chasing thunder chickens. I am excited about attending the MDOWA and POWA banquets and scoring deer for successful hunters. God Bless and stay safe!


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