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Pursuit of the Exotic Slam

Two years ago I began a journey to complete an exotic slam through the Record of Exotics. Hunting exotic animals is really a great deal of fun, a huge challenge, and the meat is wonderful. Summer is a great time to get out and hunt some exotics and keep those archery skills sharp. This summer I am going to try and complete my Texas Slam and get another step closer to my Cazador Slam.

The Texas Slam is made up of 4 different sheep: Mouflon Sheep, Corsican Sheep, White Sheep, and the Black Sheep. All I have left to harvest is the Black Sheep and I will have the Texas Slam Completed. The Cazador Slam is made up of 5 exotic animals: Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, Blackbuck Antelope, and the Aoudad Sheep. I have already harvested the Fallow Deer and Blackbuck Antelope and this is why I am going after the Axis Deer.

Axis Deer are one of the most pristine of all the exotic deer, with a beautiful six by six horn configuration towering up to 40 inches tall. This is a must for any hunter’s trophy room.

I have been to many cool places to hunt for exotics: Salt Creek Outfitters, Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve, and The Pig Farm. All of these outfits have exotic animals to hunt and many of them will have Bronze, Silver, and even Gold Medal exotics for you to pursue. This summer I will be heading to Monterey, Tennessee to hunt with Wilderness Hunting Lodge. Wilderness Hunting Lodge has over 2,400 acres available to hunters and a large selection of game animals to hunt. I am very excited to be heading to this outfit and pursue some Axis Deer and a Black Hawaiian ram. So why did I choose Wilderness Hunting Lodge?

Recommendation and Communications

Early this Spring I started researching places to hunt Axis Deer. When I did my search Wilderness Hunting Lodge popped up right away. I decided to check out their website and contact them. My email was answer in less than 24 hours by Sandy Van De Voorde and she was able to answer many of my questions. Heading to Facebook I was able to learn much more about their operation and the quality of animals available to hunt. I reached out to some of my friends to see if they had any feedback about Wilderness Hunting Lodge. Some of my friends have hunted at the Wilderness Lodge and the highly recommended booking a hunt with them. The reviews online and even on many hunting sites were all positive and that is very important! With what I learned online and through personal references I felt this would be an excellent place to hunt.

Variety of Animals

The next reason I decided to choose Wilderness Hunting Lodge was their wide variety of exotic animals to hunt. Their website has information on each species of animal at their outfit. This is a great resource for hunters! Wilderness Hunting Lodge has different types of wild boars, and many other animals such as: Fallow Deer, Axis Deer, Black Buck Antelope, Sika Deer, 5 types of rams, Spanish and Catalina Goats, Aoudad, Elk, Red Stag, Bison, Water Buffalo and many other! Hunting is open year round for hunters to enjoy. If there is a species you are interested in hunting, Wilderness Hunting Lodge will do their best to find it for you.

All Inclusive

Probably the biggest reason I am deciding to head to Wilderness Hunting Lodge is what is included with your hunt. Every hunt is a fully guided 3 day hunt with 3 meals each day. I have heard other hunters say, “You won’t go hungry and the food is great!” Wilderness Hunting Lodge has 4 amazing lodges with a 5th being built right now. They provide all of the bedding and towels for you so you can pack light. Once you have harvested your trophy they will skin, cape, quarter and even process your game for a very fair price. There are NO hidden fees at all and the prices for the animals are hard to beat.

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