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Rynoskin Review

Gear Review: RynoSkin – Don’t Get Ticked!

For 32 years I have taken to the woods to hunt and I am happy to say I have never had one tick bite! Many of my friends have not been so lucky! Ticks, Chiggers, and mosquitoes are very annoying to hunters and can carry some nasty diseases with them. So what have I done to keep myself safe from these pesky pests?

Years ago, after reading an article about Lyme’s Disease, I decided I needed to find a product to keep me safe from ticks. I checked out some of the sprays but didn’t want to have any scent on my clothes. I also didn’t like the fact that the sprays can be harmful. So I continued to look for the best protection I could find and I found it while looking through a Bass Pro Shop catalog, a base layer called RynoSkin. I ordered a shirt and pants and waited for them to arrive.

Question, how do you stop these bugs from biting and getting under your skin?

When I got my order it came in a camo pattern and I thought it was pretty sweet. The material was light, breathable, and had simple washing instructions. When I tried the pants and shirt on it hardly felt like I was wearing anything at all. The material had zero chemicals in it and simply created a layer of protection that kept ticks off my skin. I couldn’t wait to put it to use during the season.

My RynoSkin suit was worn every time I headed out to hunt. I would even wear it when I would go shoot 3D or even work in the yard. I was getting tons of use out of it and it wasn’t showing much wear. I was very pleased with the money I spent on this product.

Season after season I continues to wear the RynoSkin suit under my base layers while I hunted. I hunt quite a bit each spring and fall and the RynoSkin suit was holding up great. I never, ever found a tick on my skin. I absolutely love the practical use of the RynoSkin suits.

This spring I decided it was time to look into getting a new suit. With almost 10 years of wear it was now starting to show some wear. The seams and stitching are still in perfect condition but some tiny holes were beginning to appear. This didn’t surprise me as I have worn this suit a ton. A simple Google search and I was in business. Boy was I surprised with what RynoSkin had done to the product line.

All of these products are made from the same breathable material and look amazing. There are 4 colors to choose from: White, Black, Tan and Green. Probably the best thing about their product is the sizing. You can order the product even for your kids, with sizes ranging from 2X small to 3X Large. That covers a lot of different sizes.

The RynoSkin pants fit great and are not bulky at all. They really do fit like an extra layer of skin. The length is long enough to reach to your ankles and they fit snug to keep insects off of your skin. The knees are reinforced with double material for extra protection from wear while the elastic waist holds well and doesn’t fit too snug. These pants are wonderful to wear.

The RynoSkin shirt is made with the same amount of quality as the pants. The elbows are reinforced with double material, like the pants and the neck of the shirt is almost like a mock turtleneck. The neck fit is so comfortable you won’t realize you have the shirt on. The sleeves reach to your wrists and also give you added protection from insects. The shirt is so light I can wear my watch under the shirt and still see what time it is through the material.

RynoSkin now offers socks, gloves and a hood and while I’ve never worn them while hunting, I am looking forward to putting them to the test this fall. I have tried them all on. The socks fit well and can easily be pulled over the pants. I am sure they will keep my feet dry when I wear them. The gloves fit perfectly and will be great to wear during bow season. I have already worn the gloves while shooting my bow and there are no issues at all. The hood will be great for that extra protection against the cold and the insects. With the material being thin I can still hear very clearly. The opening on the hood goes from your chin to your forehead. There is nothing to obstruct your view or hinder you from successfully shooting your bow.

RynoSkin is made of Lycra and Nylon, two materials that are light and breathable. Even on warm days I am comfortable with it on. The material wicks away the sweat from your body keeping you comfortable. RynoSkin products are scientifically and military tested to be 99.9% effective in protecting you against ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers and many other insects. All of the items are machine washable and can be placed in a drier. RynoSkin offers a 30 day money back guarantee with their products and are made right here in the United States.

If you enjoy hunting, camping, hiking or working in the yard, RynoSkin is a great way to protect you from those biting, chewing, burrowing, blood sucking insects. Durable, breathable, machine washable and comfortable you won’t be sorry once you try RynoSkin products. If you want to give the products a try go to the website, RynoSkin and use this code: rynoL5off. Get the protection you want for you and the whole family.

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