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So the deer season is over in PA and people are all doing different stuff. Friends of mine are hunting coyotes pretty hard, while others are preparing for the 3-D season. Whether you are hunting or shooting 3-D, take a break and bring in your big buck to be scored by the NBBC.

The NBBC is a non-profit organization that scores bucks and enters them into the NBBC Record Book. The NBBC uses all gross scores so the buck gets credit for everything it grows. I know there are some great PA deer out there from this season or prior seasons, so don't hesitate to bring them in to get scored.

The NBBC will be at the Erie, PA Field and Stream on February 27th from 10-5. The NBBC will also have a booth at the Erie Outdoor Expo on March 4,5,and 6. The cost is $30 for the deer to be officially scored and entered into the NBBC Record book. If you plan on attending please make sure you know your lisence number as it will be needed to fill out the NBBC form.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me at:

Hope to see at a scoring event!!!!


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